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The interior of the MIŁO Home Nursery

Security is the key

We took care of adapting the rooms to sanitary and fire protection requirements .
We have a kitchen adapted to the hygienic administration of meals to children, in accordance with applicable standards.
All electrical sockets have been protected against contact  with the little ones. 
We carefully plan the equipment so that children do not have small, dangerous elements within their reach.
The corners and edges are covered with special foams
and security.

There is no gas connected in our premises.
We have a well-equipped first aid kit and an ABC powder extinguisher .
In the cloakroom, right next to the entrance, there is a hand disinfection station .
For everyone who visits our nursery to see it, we have prepared disposable shoe covers to maintain hygiene in the place where children stay on a daily basis .

The surroundings of our home nursery are friendly, safe, very calm and
well-kept. The building
in which our premises is located is monitored 24/7.

A nursery open to parents

We all create our place together.
That is why we got rid of the door in the children's rooms,
and in their place, wooden gates were installed.
Thanks to this, we have removed the "wall" that would hinder interactions.
In return, we have obtained a pleasant space open to you, encouraging mutual contact
and increasing the safety of children.
You can see how your child spends time at any time,
from the moment you enter the nursery.

Aesthetic rooms for children

We have designed our rooms to be as cozy, pleasant and functional as possible.
All rooms have undergone major renovation.
The colors of the equipment refer to the colors of nature
in children's rooms it helps with concentration
and relaxing
Tables and chairs are made of light wood, in pleasant colors .
We reduce the use of plastic to the necessary minimum.


kuchnia żłobka MIŁO.JPG
biblioteczka dziecięca w żłobku MIŁO.JPG
sala zabaw w żłobku MIŁO.JPG
korytarz w żłobku MIŁO.JPG
wejście w żłobku MIŁO.JPG
tablica sensoryczna w żłobku MIŁO.JPG

Visit our Day Care

We invite you to make an appointment

so you can personally see our mini nursery.  

We are waiting for you :)

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