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Cosy nursery in Warsaw inspired by RIE - what does it mean?

The main principles we follow:

  • We have respect for the child, which is expressed through faith in her / his competence and abilities. 

  • We conduct a sensitive observation that allows us to get to know and understand the needs of each child separately.

  • We support the natural development of a child - without pressure and pressure to achieve milestones. Each child develops at a pace appropriate for him/her, and in the development of a little person, faster is not better. We focus on "how" instead of "when".

  • Cohesion  - we define limits that are understandable to children, and we care about their observance.
    We use positive statements, for example we say "Please get down on the floor" instead of "Don't get on that chair. Why are you going in there?"  

  • We accept your child's feelings. If she/he is sad, then we do not pretend that everything is fine or ignore her/his emotions and rights to them: we do not change the subject, we do not comfort her/him, we do not try to bribe, we do not minimize the matter that was important to him. We are with her/him. We create a space for her/him to understand emotions and reconcile with them.  

  • We have a YES zone, which is a designated place where children do not hear the word "no" from us. They can play with the objects that we place in the YES zone the way they want. The only times we react are when the child tries to hit the other, or a potentially dangerous situation may arise.

  • Changing a diaper is not a tough duty for us ;) On the contrary!
    Nursing activities such as changing diapers, clothes, etc. are a very valuable time for us. It is a time when we have an active 1:1 contact with the baby and we devote it entirely to deepening the bond. How do we do it? First of all, we take our time and create an atmosphere of peace. We talk to the child (if he/she does not speak yet, he/she understands us), we sing, laugh, tickle and try to make this time as pleasant as possible for the child. It is also a great time for us.


  • We provide a safe, predictable and challenging space for children that encourages free exploration and learning. We have no accidental items. Everything is planned and has to fulfill specific functions.

  • The power of imitation and modeling - we model with our own behavior. What does it mean?
    If we want children in the older group to brush their teeth willingly, we teach them with our own example  - we brush our teeth with them.
    We want children to use without verbal aggression  - so we give an example. We do not try to shout over people, but approach the child and talk directly to him in a calm tone.  

  • We provide time for free play and establishing relationships with peers. We allow them to have unrestricted contact with their peers, play in the way they want. We do not show the "only right" way to play because we know that it limits the child, blocks her/his development and reduces self-esteem and agency.
    Children are specialists in play and we are specialists in care, upbringing and early education, so we focus on what is important for their development.

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