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Natural adaptation

Matka i syn

Adaptation with a parent - you are very welcome in our

home nursery.

Your participation in the adaptation will allow your child to acclimatize naturally and calmly in a new place with people the baby does not know yet.

The adaptation period is a very important stage in the child's stay in the nursery. In our tiny community, we do everything we can to make the child feel safe and secure. A tiny group of children and adults ensures that children are not overwhelmed by stimuli, noise and hundreds of different unexpected interactions every minute. The micro-group makes them open faster and they can feel safe.

The duration of the adaptation varies and is very individual. Some babies adapt almost instantly, while others take a little longer to adapt.

The most important thing for us is the support of children and families during this time.  

We are together with you.


  The adaptation carried out in our intimate nursery is as follows:
1. The first stage of adaptation - a pre-adaptation meeting
, that is the first game in the playroom and collecting complete information about the child. We invite a child and two of his relatives. One of the adults plays with the child in the room, having the entire room exclusively. Thanks to this, the child can get to know a new place and objects before entering a group of peers. At the same time, we discuss the pre-adaptation plan with the other adult and learn about the child's preferences, interests, as well as what he or she dislikes and fears. After collecting this information, we are ready to give the child the best possible welcome and make them feel good. Time of the meeting: 30 minutes - 1.5 hours.
2. The second stage of adaptation - the stay of the child with the parent or other close person (grandmother, grandfather, nanny, etc.). We invite you for 30-60 minutes. At this stage, the child's guardian takes an active part in playing with the child - you will get to know our little nursery together, which usually lasts one day.
3. The third stage of adaptation - the child comes with the adult again, with the difference that this time the adult is an observer of the child's play. Physically, it is not accompanied by step by step, but maintains a distance that allows the child to explore the place independently.
4. The fourth stage of adaptation - the adult observes the child's play, significantly increasing the distance
. Adult briefly goes to the second room several times. We take care of a child all time while he/she is playing.
5. The fifth stage of adaptation - the adult says goodbye to the child after coming to the nursery at home and says that he will return soon,

During this time, the educarer invites the child to play, takes care of his needs and carefully observes his well-being.

We are in constant contact by phone / text message with the parent at this time - we know that you will care
and wonder how the child is doing and how he/she spends his time.

Then we gradually extend the time of the child's stay, arranging the details on a regular basis.

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