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Childcare in Warsaw

Made with a heart!

district Wola Warsaw

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Childcare in Warsaw - our mission
and vision

MIŁO is a place made straight from the heart - from many years of dreams of establishing an intimate daycare place for children, where everyone feels comfortable and can be authentic.

Our greatest inspiration is the educational approach of Magda Gerber (we are trained in Resources for Infant Educarers - RIE ) , Emmi Pikler, now continued by Janet Lansbury.

We communicate with children and adults without violence, in line with the NVC - Nonviolent Communication approach.​

Our didactics refer to the Maria Montessori method. We cooperate in this area with  Association Montessori Internationale.  

MIŁO is a team of specialists in education and childcare. At the same time, we are sensitive guardians, perfect observers, warm people with inner peace and joy of life.

We operate in accordance with non-directive pedagogy . We treat children as seriously as adults - their interests, needs and the right to express their opinion. 

The main tasks of our educators include: caring for the needs of children, building an atmosphere of security and trust, being empathetic, ready to change and flexible response. We give the children a space to explore the world and find their own solutions. We want her/him to have the conditions for being authentic, being oneself and developing social competences in contact with peers.


Our day nursery in the Wola district of Warsaw invites all parents for whom Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is important.


Here you can find a safe day care for your child,  with sensitive babysitters who will take care of your toddler's needs.  

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MIŁO is a registered Day Care: 14014/O Ministry of Family and Social Policy


What makes us stand out:

Raising and educating a child with respect

The child is most important to us. Therefore, we treat them with due respect. We speak to the children calmly, without raising our voices, in a gentle tone and carefully. We often describe what we see (surroundings, situations) using a variety of vocabulary. We also pay great attention to non-verbal messages that we send to children to positively stimulate the development of their speech and social behavior.  

We believe in the competences of every child, so we do not try to forcefully accelerate his/her development and create pressure. Instead, we prepare the environment so that the child, using it, learns. In this way, he/she develops cognitively, builds self-esteem and confidence in his own strength and possibilities.

We, educarers, accompany children in their development, creating a safe, friendly and challenging environment for them.

Adaptation with the parent

We provide flexible adaptation that we adapt to the needs of your children. While  adaptation the parent always accompanies the child.

Hygiene, cleanliness and aesthetics

Caring for a friendly environment for children is our priority.

The toddlers' surroundings must be clean, tidy and encourage them to play on the carpet and floor. Every day we thoroughly clean the space of our daycare - all surfaces and toys, both playrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

Does it always have to be the case that the child in the nursery is constantly ill?

In our nursery, we offer only 10 places for children . We have two 4- / 5-person groups. Compared to most nurseries, where only one group has from a dozen to even up to 25 children, we can confidently call ourselves a small, home nursery.

In such a small group, taking care of cleanliness is an important and also easy task. Thanks to this, we significantly reduce the risk of any infectious diseases among children, their families and our employees.

We have designed our interiors in such a way that the rooms are as pleasant as possible, cozy and soothing, reminiscent of home conditions. Children's furniture is made of wood, just like most toys. The colors we used refer to nature - green plants, sandy beige, sunny yellow and other colors of nature allow children to stay focus and also strengthen their mindfulness.  We avoid overloading with colors and unnecessary items. We regularly replace toys and other accessories, adjusting them to the current interests of children. 


Playground next to the nursery building - going outside is very important to us. Spending time outdoors affects your baby's appetite, sleep and well-being.

There is so much to do outside!

We observe nature on a walk - colorful butterflies, tiny ladybugs, clouds changing shapes. We support children's mindfulness and love for nature. We show the children the changes of the seasons, we focus their attention on the gust of wind that slightly strokes their faces. We notice the changing patterns created by light and shadow.  

Time spent on the playground, which is located right next to the building of our home nursery, includes, among others, sliding down the slide, grandmothers created in the sandbox, games with peers and aunts. Playground  it is situated between the beautiful trees that provide us in the summer  shade.


A sense of stabilization

Every human being needs a feeling of stability and a certain dose of predictability. Especially little children who are just starting to explore the world.

That's why our daily schedule includes regular elements - meals and a nap. We try to serve food at fixed times (in situations where the child does not want to eat a meal, we offer him food a little later).

Children sleep if they feel like it. When we see that they are sleepy at any time, then we adjust the conditions for rest and sleep so that they can fall asleep at their best time.  If the child does not want to sleep, he or she takes up quiet, relaxing play that does not disturb the other toddlers.


Application of our DAYCARE

We provide you a smartphone application, through which:

  • we publish important information on an ongoing basis

  • we have constant online contact with you so we can effectively exchange news.  We pass on to you and receive from you all important information about children

  • We publish photos and videos from the daily stay of your child. You can see how she/he spends time in the daycare.

MIŁO is an oasis of green, filled with laughter, singing and peace,

Our green oasis is full of plants that are safe for children.

Here we feel connected with nature, staying in the very heart of Warsaw.

MIŁO is security and trust

There are several children in the group in our daycare, so we all know each other and trust each other. Each child can simply be himself/herself and  feel free. We create an inspiring and safe environment.

In MIŁO we take care of children with full commitment

We create a carefully planned, safe space for your child that encourages creativity

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